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Which of the following communities are not mentioned in the drafts of the BNA Act, 1867?

On which of the following topics did the delegates find common ground during the first three days of the Québec Conference?

Drafts of the BNA Act, 1867 defined the word “person” and included a provision to ensure that use of male pronouns such as “he” or “him” would be interpreted by the courts in a gender neutral manner.

At the Québec Conference, there was discussion as to what powers would be allocated to the federal government. Which of the following was not considered by the delegates for inclusion in the list of matters of exclusive federal responsibility?

There was always widespread acceptance that members of the newly created Senate would be appointed for life by the Crown.

Lands, minerals and mines were recognized as important revenue sources for the fledgling provincial governments. But allocating such revenues to provinces was controversial. Which of the following did not appear in drafts of the BNA Act?

According to the BNA Act, 1867, which of the following was to be conjointly owned by the provinces of Ontario and Québec?

What issue or feature of the BNA Act, 1867 garnered the most discussion at the conference in Québec City in October 1864?

The BNA Act, 1867 or its drafts included a reference to:

The provisions of the BNA Act, 1867 were relatively unique and distinct, designed by its colonists to address the country’s particular circumstances.

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